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Dead Rising 3 Trailer – Moar Zombies

I like Zombies… a lot, love them long time and one could say that I have seen my fair share of zombie movies.  I have also seen several ways of dispatching the undead nasties. This trailer however has shown me … Continue reading

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Why Do We Love Zombies?

Interesting take on why we like zombies in relation to technologies outside of our control.

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World War Z – or World War Fail?

I am not sure how this movie could ever live up to the book.

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Day Z – Server

Looks like the Day Z Server has been leaked/released onto the internet via some torrent trackers. I wonder how long until we see some private servers pop up?

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Canadian Parliament Debates Zombie Apocalypse

When the Minster of Foreign Affairs was challenged by Parliament Member Pat Martin on his preparedness for the zombie apocalypse, he assured the House of Commons that “under the leadership of this Prime Minister, Canada will never become a save … Continue reading

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The Walken Dead

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Sports vs Zombies

Dumb auto loading video. more after the jump.

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Remove the Head or Destroy the Brain

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Fangoria – Blood and Guts

Man I would love to work with these guys. They work super horror movie magic. Come to think of it. I am not sure how useful I would be. I would just be standing there with my jaw on the … Continue reading

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‘The Walking Dead’ TV Series Adds Its First Cast Member

MTV’s Splashpage – The living are starting to flock towards “The Walking Dead,” as actor Jon Bernthal has become the first official cast member for the AMC television series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bernthal will play Shane, the best friend … Continue reading

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