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Batman – Strange Days

Coffee is Metal

That is all

Slayer play cult at The Henry Rollins Show

  Rest In Peace Jeff hannemann

Wiener Party

lulz… It just blends together… So much awesome…

New Cosplay – PAX Prime

I dunno why I haven’t watched or posted this yet. I’m such a slacker. As always crank up the HD to the max

Jay Pharoah Nails Kanye West In ‘I Am a Dog’ Parody Video

  lulz at barking like Nicki Minaj

No Penetration

A lack of penetration has never been this fun. It should be legal to shoot at one’s boss.

Dead Rising 3 Trailer – Moar Zombies

I like Zombies… a lot, love them long time and one could say that I have seen my fair share of zombie movies.  I have also seen several ways of dispatching the undead nasties. This trailer however has shown me something new, something most awesome.

Reggie Makes Music – Ed Helms

Reggie Watts is the man. I love what he does.

Yo-Yo Madness

I am not sure what is going on here but I swear its done with CG, mirrors or something.