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Spongebob sings “War Pigs”

LINDEMANN “Fish On” Is Very NSFW (Boobies Everywhere!)

So this video is most awesome. Whilst the lyrics are nothing to write home about the video clip blows my mind (and not just because of the topless ladies). Its very badass. It feels a little like Rammstein but with the addition of Peter Tagtgren it does land on its own two feet. I really…

NSFW – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel – Behemoth – NSFW

NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW -=- NSFW

Kill or Become – Cannibal Corpse

Cooties – Trailer

Well this looks like it could be good for a cheap laugh  

Slayer – Repentless




Scientifically Accurate Spongebob

Hermaphrodite sponges, homicidal octopuses, and a best friend that could eat you without warning – just another day in Bikini Atoll, an American nuclear test site.

Fell on Black Days – Soundgarden