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R’HA – CGI Trailer

Saw this on IO9, looks pretty sweet. Robots v Aliens

Rub Some Bacon On It

Too much awesome

I am lost for words. It’s the end of times, Dinosaurs,Ninja,Zombie,Robot, Pirate and just some more pure awesome sauce. source

PLEN Robot controled by ANDROID OS

Robots really do come in all forms of shapes and sizes. Even if this little guy is pretty generic as far as form-factor goes, it’s what’s under the hood that makes Plen so spectacular. Controlled via the Android operating system, you can remotely navigate this little guy right from the comfort of your very own…

Gigantor Statue – Tetsujin 28-go

The statue was built in an area of Kobe that was badly damaged during the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995. The statue is being seen as a sign of the area’s recovery. In the three months since the statue went up, about a million people have come to see it. Most of them are too…

Robots – The human race is doomed

Right yes its almost 3am and yes I should not be allowed to have net access at  this time of the morning, still I think this might be important. I mean thers is a robot dancing to polka music. Personaly I think Heidi is to blame for this for leaving me to my own devices…

japanese robots FTW