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Hitchhiker (Kai) saves woman from Jesus attack by killing man with a hatchet. NSFW

This is probably the craziest thing I have seen/heard in a long time. I would love to know how this pans out. If anyone knows more please let me know. Please note that there is some strong language in this fox new report.

Am I a Nerd?

After watching this I am not sure whether I fit into the “Nerd” Category. Do I feel some kind of identity crisis on the horizon… Nope

US Govt. Objects To Megaupload Hiring Top Law Firm

I just read this interesting article on Torrentfreak. I was under the impression that the Megaupload chaps are being charged with racketeering not copyright infringement. I wonder how the US court system is going to handle this. Watch this space because its going to get interesting. Last week it was revealed that Megaupload had retained…

New Zealand supports whaling compromise

The BBC reports that former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer, who now represents his country at the IWC, is calling for a compromise that would allow Japan to engage in commercial whaling: He said a compromise would lead to “a big reduction in the total number of whales killed compared with now”. Mr Palmer…

19-year-old high school student busted: Kiddie porn site

Starting ’em young, aren’t you? This guy was so young that it almost wasn’t creepy that he was lusting over children. A student from Souma City was arrested yesterday for being the one that heads up a child pornography BBS website. He did his “work” on free computers available in the city’s culture center. Not…

Twitter Uses BitTorrent For Server Deployment

Twitter is calling in the help of BitTorrent to deploy files across its many servers in a more efficient way. The project dubbed ‘Murder’ is based on the Open Source BitTornado BitTorrent client. Aside from assisting Twitter it is available to other developers at no cost. [copypasta from torrentfreak]

Son of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author becomes 35 year old junkie in a noise band called “Child Abuse”.

As his absent father made millions preaching feel-good self-help, Oran Canfield spiralled into a life of drug-fuelled self-loathing. But can his contentious new memoir of a troubled childhood really be good for the soul? [source]

Nudie Pics During National News Broadcast

You see the guy in the upper left of the screen? He’s a banker. A banker that’s about to look at some naked pictures of Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr during a live news broadcast. Way to go, champ! [the source]

A vain attempt

So in a vain attempt to reduce load on my server and perhaps make the page load a little quicker I have pulled the old theme and put up this “Plain Jane” version. not sure how long this is going to take but all things going well it should not be long. maybe a few…

Chip fat fuel driver Andy Pag in India terror arrest

A British man who has been travelling the world in a bus powered by chip fat has been arrested in India on suspicion of terrorism, his family say. Andy Pag, from Croydon, south London, was arrested in Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan, in northern India. His family said he was arrested on Tuesday after…