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Spongebob sings “War Pigs”

Super Mario Busters – Who you gonna call?

Awesome “mario brothers” and “Ghostbusters” pairing. I’m sorry your princess is in another castle.

The Walt Disnizzle Mixtape – 77 Mins NSFW

Reminds me of the work of POGO . 77 minutes of classic Disney songs vs Hip-Hop & Breaks – Mixed, Mashed & Arranged by ARKHAM.p77. check out the track listing and his website here http://www.kleptoergosum.eu/wd.php

Mash Up – Beatles vs Nine inch Nails & Beatles/LCD Soundsystem/Kinks NSFW

Just to warn all the campers out there. This Mashup contains some strong language.

Beatles Vs NIN


Beatles/LCD Soundsystem/Kinks

He-Man Is Sexy And He Knows It


Teehee I’m not a huge fan of LMFAO but this kinda cracks me up. Showing everyone his moves. He’s Sexy and He knows it!!!

Team Fortress 2 – Law Abiding Engineer

I just saw this over at slashfilm. Most Awesome TF2 ever.