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Design Your Own Processor With Verilog

Designing a computer from scratch is one of the holy grails of hardware design. For programmable logic, designing your own processor is a huge accomplishment. That’s exactly what [zhemao] has done. He created EZ8, an 8 bit processor is written in Verilog. EZ8 has a 3 stage pipeline, which makes design very interesting. Instruction set…

Coffee is Metal

That is all

Dad-Built Rocket Control Module

Like a lot of parents, [justbennett]‘s kids like to play rocket and spaceship command. His kids’ imagination-assigned controls kept shifting from this LEGO to that banana to the dog’s tail, so [justbennett] did what he had to do: make this Dad-built rocket control module for them. The module supports all of the vital sub-modules required…

Wiener Party

lulz… It just blends together… So much awesome…

Thunder Child

I am so going listen to this whole radio play tomorrow..

Coffee n Sunshine


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