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Remote Controlled Lego Bugatti Veyron with a working seven-speed gearbox

Via: Autoblog

Lego Star Wars Awesomeness

Great White Snark brought the clip to my attention, and I begrudgingly have to agree with him that the camera angles and shots along are worthy of a real, professional movie, to say nothing of the remarkably smooth animation. Enjoy.

Lego Universe Is the Awesomest Thing Ever

Like a lot of people, I assumed that Lego’s MMORPG was going to be just a large pay area where you could find blocks and build shit. I wasn’t expecting a massive war involving all the different Lego groups — pirates, astronauts, ninjas, knights, racecar drivers, etc. — versus an onsalught of Lego demon-men intent…

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Wow. just wow. I mean Wowsers. I soo want the wrestler and at least 5 zombies. Then I can recreate epic zombie battles. Im just a child The Swedish LEGO blog legobloggen has an interesting bit of news about a collectable series of minifigs to be available next year: “In June 2010, Lego will launch a…

Lego Rockband

I like the Lego titles and i definately enjoy the rockband and guitar heroes. But this Went To France.