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High School girls Smell Each Others Fingers

Yes, it’s exactly what you think. Well, not really. That would be gross. Or not. Depending on your propensity to appreciate certain smells. OK, we’re just grossing our selves out here. Just go watch this twisted new Axe/lynx commercial and wallow in the stench.

Professor Freezes, Shatters Laptop With Liquid Nitrogen

I take it that this professor does not like people using computers in his lab.

Did Dungeons & Dragons Motivate Dr. Amy Bishop’s Murder Spree?

On Friday, the University of Alabama at Huntsville suffered a horrific tragedy: Biology professor Amy Bishop shot five colleagues, killing three, over an alleged tenure dispute. One news outlet suggests it was a nerd rage crime, motivated by D&D. It’s been a long time since the psychopathic nerd stereotype stalked through cheap paperbacks and across…