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Just Listen

Its not about the nail..just listen  

A rainbow of ugly

Shower Scene – Tara Reid – Josie and the Pussycats

I am not sure what is more pathetic, how well Tara Reid play the ditzy blonde or the crazy amount of product placement in this movie. In line with its theme of subliminal advertising, the inordinate degree of product placement in the movie constitutes a running joke. Almost every scene features a mention or appearance…

MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy Web cartoons

World of Wifecraft – Raff out Roud


Apocalypse Meow

oldie but a goodie

Sex – I thought I had it all figured out, until the bees…

Now we are all adult here but just in case, THIS IS SOMEWHAT ADULT. Also if you do not have a sense of humor. are at work, your boss or sys admin does not have sense of humor, blah blah lame…. *sigh you get the point. if you think this will get you in troube…

Its a Horse…

Its a sad state of affairs when I have to resort to trawling youtube for entertainment. 🙁 The movie Footloose is apparently set in Utah/Oklahoma, which I suppose is close enough to Texas to make its song appropriate for this McDonald’s “Big America” burger commercial. curse you 2am  🙁

A Nation of Dumb: 3 customers in one day 115/230

I cannot believe this. So far today I have experienced not 1 or 2 but 3 seperate customers who in their infinite wisdom have decided that changing the little 115/230V switch at the back of the computer would get a good thing. Seriously folks at what stage does the average joe decided that they realy…