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A Nation of Dumb: 3 customers in one day 115/230

I cannot believe this. So far today I have experienced not 1 or 2 but 3 seperate customers who in their infinite wisdom have decided that changing the little 115/230V switch at the back of the computer would get a good thing. Seriously folks at what stage does the average joe decided that they realy…

xbox PC Computer mod

Golly gosh, I wonder what is wrong here. My toaster seems broken. had this come into work. havent seem caps that broken in ages

win 7 – its actualy good.. trust the japanese

It’s over. Microsoft wins. The OS wars are done. MS’ much-hyped successor to Vista, Windows 7, has received an officially endorsed mascot in Japan, one that is far superior to Justin Long‘s condescending face, or that paper clip thing. Akiba PC reports that the premium set of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition will come with a…