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Alfred Hitchcock – Time Stop

They don’t make movies like this anymore.

Quentin Tarantino From Above


Attack on Titan – Live Action Trailer – English Sub



OH fuck yes.

Hilarious trailer for mockumentary finds all the hidden sexual and religious messages in “Ghostbusters.”

I must watch this. *sigh… Too bad its not real  

The Ultimate Bruce Willis Action Movie

The Brucemeister FTW

Claymation dies – HARD

John McClay blows up everything in sight in Lee Hardcastle’s claymation tribute to the Die Hard franchise. Yippee ki yay mother Russia. Just in case some of you are wondering why there are Tetris blocks in the fan made awesomeness and stuff. Well to put it simply Tetris is a Russian title. wiki it:¬†  

Back To The Future in 60 Seconds

Small Apartments – Official Trailer

I will watch this and it will be AWESOME

Olympus Has Fallen Trailer I’m always keen on seeing movies with more explosions and action than actual plot elements