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Public Holiday Woes – day #2

Day 2

It was a moment of weakness. I had to have it. The plunger never looked so good. I went out and got pastries and some ground coffee. It felt like a lifetime waiting for the water to boil.

It was hot and steamy. All the good things I was craving.

Pastries and coffee in the morning.


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Public Holiday Woes

Day 1 of 4

The coffee situation seems dire. Mr Kfee is not well. I think there is something wrong with his digestion. I can see it in his constantly blinking eyes. I tried feeding him his favourite coffee pod with no luck, he is not releasing his delicious elixir of life.

I am not sure if he or I will make it through another 3 days of this.


Coffee is Metal

That is all

Naughty but nice

The cup it too cute and the donuts look like something out the Simpsons. ———- Posted by me on the go, rocking spelling & autocorrect errors in style since T9.

Bitter Coffee





Delicious black go juice


If you drink this glorious go juice then you do not need any more excuses, still you should watch this.

Big coffee for big people


Breakfast of Champions

Protein and caffeine my most favourite eins

go juice


Once again violet’s coffee saves my sanity on a working weekend. 🙂