Month: April 2014

Scientifically Accurate Spongebob

Hermaphrodite sponges, homicidal octopuses, and a best friend that could eat you without warning – just another day in Bikini Atoll, an American nuclear test site.

Food Porn – Sexy Delicious

This is the single greatest thing I have seen all day.   Watch the whole uncensored video on Vimeo. click here

Fell on Black Days – Soundgarden

Public Holiday Woes – day #2

Day 2

It was a moment of weakness. I had to have it. The plunger never looked so good. I went out and got pastries and some ground coffee. It felt like a lifetime waiting for the water to boil.

It was hot and steamy. All the good things I was craving.

Pastries and coffee in the morning.


screen shot 2013-06-10 at 7.06.35 pm


This game is so much fun. I started playing it and before I knew it I had wasted loads of time. Full Version – on STEAM  

Public Holiday Woes

Day 1 of 4

The coffee situation seems dire. Mr Kfee is not well. I think there is something wrong with his digestion. I can see it in his constantly blinking eyes. I tried feeding him his favourite coffee pod with no luck, he is not releasing his delicious elixir of life.

I am not sure if he or I will make it through another 3 days of this.


Batman – Strange Days

I challenge you to a rock off