Month: May 2013

Oreo Seperator Machine

This man and his machine are pure genius. I wish I had the dedication and tremendous amounts of free time to build something this crazy.

Orchestra Hidden Camera Prank

Orchestra has never been this awesome before.

NSFW – Emily Reads 50 Shades of Grey – Chapter 10

OMFG – this is awesome and NOT SAFE FOR WORK and who is this Taylor. I need to know his party trick, I want to know how to levitate. 50 Shades of Grey.. as read by Emily, truly entertaining… oh yeah NOT SAFE FOR WORK..  

-=- SOAD -=- SOAD – Sugar – SOAD -=- SOAD -=-

Magic Stairs

They just keep on going to infinity

8 bit Daft Punk

So much cooler than the actual album

+Kathryn Hempstalk  might just get a kick out of this

+Kathryn Hempstalk  might just get a kick out of this Spinning Chocolate Joy This is an exhibit from a chocolate factory in Melbourne Australia This was posted on Google+…

Daft Punk Medley

This just totaly made my monday morning. Daft Punk FTW “Brisbane electronic band Pigeon performs a nine-minute supermix of six of Daft Punk’s greatest hits.”

System of a down-Chop suey 8-bit remix

Cold n dark –