Month: January 2013

Trentemoller – Playlist

I think somebody put something into my coffee tonight. I am loving this guys music whilst I play me some Battlefield Bad Company 2

Trentemøller: Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! – Music Video

I am in love with this song.. Not sure why it’s not even what most people would call music. FANTASTIC NOISE…… Best served loud on headphones with a hefty serving of bass.   “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!” is the third single taken from Trentemøller’s acclaimed new album “Into The Great Wide Yonder”. With its…

YOLO by The Lonely Island

Am I a Nerd?

After watching this I am not sure whether I fit into the “Nerd” Category. Do I feel some kind of identity crisis on the horizon… Nope

The Jesse Pinkman Bitch Supercut – NSFW

So yeah some strong language so it’s not safe for work. Lots of Bitches taken from Breaking Bad. You have been warned, its NSFW

tilt-shifted Black Rock Desert

Craigslist Dating – NSFW

This video is not safe for work, you have been warned, Thats why there is a NSFW in the title  

Nerdy white kid KILLS “Look at Me Now” (Mac Lethal)

Cook with me now, fresher than a motherf*cker   Oh yeah NSFW , thou hast been warneth’d  

Epic Slinky is Epic

You too can waste 3 minutes of your life. Or you could go outside. I bet you have clicked play on the video already 😀

A rainbow of ugly