Month: November 2012

POGO vs Pulp Fiction = One awesome milkshake NSFW

POGO does it again. This time he works his magic with some Pulp Fiction. Go check out more of his work at

The Walt Disnizzle Mixtape – 77 Mins NSFW

Reminds me of the work of POGO . 77 minutes of classic Disney songs vs Hip-Hop & Breaks – Mixed, Mashed & Arranged by ARKHAM.p77. check out the track listing and his website here

Dude playing the spoons to Insomnia by Faithless

This dude has some mean spoon creds

Climbing Trees Does NOT Keep You Safe From Black Bears

Downhill Dog Mountain Biking

Can’t go doing this with a  cat.

Vitalic – “Stamina” (Official Video)

This one is a little NSFW so take that as a warning all you cubicle slaves.  

ThugKitchen – Awesome – NSFW

I just started reading this dudes website. Its pure awesome. A little NSFW though so carefull campers Go Visit and expand your mind.

Pantera – Walk – Awesome

I had completely forgotten how awesome this song is.

Traktor Terror

I’m not a huge petrol head but this is just pure awesome.

Miles Davis and LCD Soundsystem YouTube Duet