Month: October 2012

How Much Does a Shadow Weigh?

Kiefer Sutherland’s Dynamite Cupcakes

The Moon Illusion

Filthy science, making things seem so logical. Oh you know I don’t mean it. I still love you science.

Remove the Head or Destroy the Brain

First a cough, then a rattle and then a groan. Shortly after that it wants your delicious salty brain meats.

How to Grow Your Awesome Moustache

I’m gonna get me some raw onions to eat.

No Brainer


Elevator Prank

This is awesome. Wish I had the time,money and energy to do this.

Warning Science Content – Quantum Mechanics

Just a little insight on quantum mechanics brought to you by Neil Turok

Bill Hicks & George Carlin Remixed

Legendary comedians Bill Hicks and George Carlin give their auto-tuned perspective on life in John D. Boswell’s remixed tribute The Big Electron….

Golden delicious salty bits of fried starch

McD’s made this little video to show you the supply chain from farmer to fryer.