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Battlefield 3 Madness – Not Sparta

Vehicle Madness

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Garden place is now unofficially renamed the garden place park and gawk

I was not aware that the road that was pulled across Worley place doubled as a Carpark. To be honest I thought it was just another exercise in spending done by the Hamilton City Council(HCC).

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Glorious beer

Bottled me 66 bottles of glorious IPA. Cannot wait for these to prime.

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Super Crazy Mars Shit – 7 Minutes of Terror

How cool is this stuff. Watch this and get your Mars on.

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Synesthesia – Food Sounds

Suspend your disbelief in this alternate universe of food inspired sound creations and the best newspaper turkey ever to be roasted.  

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This lets you type in ANY music and it will reveal a specific drink you should consume while listening.

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