wow more quakes…

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A moderate 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck close to the earth’s surface in Central California early on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey reported.

The quake struck in a sparsely populated area eight miles south of Keeler, California, and 148 miles west of Las Vegas, Nevada, the USGS said on its website.


HONG KONG — The Indonesian city of Padang was in chaos on Thursday — fires burning, sirens blaring, dazed residents wandering the streets, thousands of people reportedly trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings — after a powerful earthquake struck the island of Sumatra.

The quake, which hit Wednesday evening just off Padang with a magnitude of 7.6, has killed at least 529 people, according to a statement from the Social Affairs Ministry. The death toll was almost certain to rise, officials said, as rescuers dig into collapsed homes, hospitals, offices and a school.