Month: September 2009

Then Marx came tumbling down

Officials from Moscow’s Committee for Monumental Arts recently discussed plans to remove what is the only monument of Karl Marx in the city, putting forward a variety of arguments. The most frequently used argument was that the German Marx (1818-1883) – the philosopher, political economist and political theorist whose ideas are credited as the foundation…

Golly gosh, I wonder what is wrong here. My toaster seems broken. had this come into work. havent seem caps that broken in ages

Most moist

This Moist

Navy seizes cocaine ‘worth £240m’

The Royal Navy says it has seized its biggest haul of cocaine, estimating its street value at £240m ($380m). The Portsmouth-based frigate HMS Iron Duke seized more than five-and-a-half tonnes of the drug from a 138ft fishing boat off the coast of Colombia. source

Phase Change Memory (PCM)

“Nature is reporting that ‘South Korean manufacturer Samsung Electronics announced this week that it has begun mass production of a new kind of memory chip that stores information by melting and freezing tiny crystals. Known as phase-change memory (PCM), the idea was first proposed by physicists in the 1960s.’ With transistor-equivalent cells only 20 nm…

Sidekick Wanted

HELP WANTED: Plucky female teenager/young  adult with attitude and heart. Must be a friend of justice. Must be willing to become a cyborg and dress in spandex. Traumatic backstory optional, can be provided if desired. Apply within with desired motif, weapons, and fighting style. iwanttobeasexysidekick I think I have been reading to many comic books….

game show in japan

win 7 – its actualy good.. trust the japanese

It’s over. Microsoft wins. The OS wars are done. MS’ much-hyped successor to Vista, Windows 7, has received an officially endorsed mascot in Japan, one that is far superior to Justin Long‘s condescending face, or that paper clip thing. Akiba PC reports that the premium set of Windows 7 Ultimate Edition will come with a…

sooo cruel

tuna.. nummy nom noms