$280 Million worth of Ethereum locked up in wallets due to wallet vulnerability

Yowers, looks like there was a flaw in the multi sig wallets for Ethereum. The issue is/was with the “multisignature” wallets  created after the 20th July. Parity multisignature wallets also experienced a vulnerability in July this year that allowed an unknown hacker to steal nearly $32 million in funds these guys are not having a…

INSIDIOUS 4 Official Trailer (2018) The Last Key Movie HD

OOOOh I cannot wait to feast my eyes on this one.  

Happy Death Day Trailer – 2017

Like a crappy horror version of groundhog day… Loses points for lack of Bill Murray but gains points for a crappy Scream style horror mask.  

Mongolian Folk Metal – TENGGER CAVALRY – War Horse

Mongolian Folk Metal may be one of my new favorite things,  

Nailed It – The Trooper – guitar + synth



RAMMSTEIN – Berlin – Waldbuhne – 2016

Epic Stage, Rammstein and Pyrotechnics….YES!! BTW – its 1Hr 25 mins  long \m/…


So far this the only thing that is keeping me VMware’ing up a storm tonight. \m/…

Mr Sunshine 

There I was on my way to work and and I was greeted by Mr sunshine peeking through buildings.. ” Wake up sleepy head” 🙂…

Most Metal – Car Grinder

brutal https://youtu.be/Oj81PpZ0jys